Course Outcome Course outcomes Knowledge levels(K1-K6)
CO1 To   learn the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of gingival and  periodontal diseases and conditions  along  with  the  preventive  measures with emphasis on Indian population K1
CO2 To  develop an  in  depth knowledge of  the  applied anatomy including histology and molecular biology of periodontal  tissues  and   to acquire  the knowledge and  clinical skills  through simulation  devices K3
CO3 To conduct  a comprehensive  examination of  the  patient  in  general,  with  special  emphasis  on  periodontal  tissues and to advise for  necessary investigations  and interpret the test results K3

To   execute the appropriate non surgical, surgical or supportive periodontal  treatment in  a  comprehensive  manner with  competency  in  controlling    pain  and  anxiety


CO5 To impart an essential knowledge of personal hygiene, infection control, prevention of cross infection and safe disposal of waste, keeping in view the risk of transmission of potential communicable and transmissible infections  like Hepatitis and HIV K2

To communicate clearly, and professionally with   good interpersonal skills  to  the patients, care givers and other  members of the dental team.


CO7 To acquire skills to exercise empathy and high ethical standards in patient care K3
C08 To make rational clinical judgements in complex and challenging situations  and foster critical thinking and research aptitude K3

To  understand  the role of socio demographic, behavioural and environmental determinates of periodontal disease including smoking, tobacco use and other deleterious habits.


CO10 To upgrade knowledge by attending courses, conferences and seminars  relevant to periodontics and oral implantology and by self-learning process. K4


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