The Department of Oral Pathology was recognized as a research center for Ph.D. studies by the Kerala University of Health Sciences vide circular no-No.4563/DeanR/KUHS/2013 Dt.23.03.2017

Key information about our PhD program is as follows:

  1. Program Overview: The KUHS Ph.D. program at Mar Baselios Dental College is a part-time research program designed to encourage and facilitate scholarly research in Oral Pathology. It is tailored to cater to the needs of faculty members of the college who wish to contribute to the field of oral pathology through their research endeavors.
  2. Research Center Approval: The Department of Oral Pathology at Mar Baselios Dental College has been approved by KUHS as a recognized research center, and this program operates under its aegis. (Ref. circular no-No.4563/DeanR/KUHS/2013 Dt.23.03.2017)
  3. Doctoral Scholars: We currently have two doctoral scholars enrolled in this part-time PhD program.
  4. Research Areas: The PhD program covers a wide range of research areas within oral pathology, including but not limited to the study of oral diseases, diagnostic procedures, and treatment modalities.
  5. Research Facilities: Mar Baselios Dental College has research facilities, including well-equipped laboratories, a comprehensive dental library, and access to advanced technology, which facilitate and enhance the research activities of our scholars.
  6. Experienced Faculty: We have several experienced faculty approved by KUHS for guiding the research scholars. (see KUHS list of approved PhD guides from Mar Baselios Dental College.)

Consolidated list of approved research centres of KUHS

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Consolidated list of Ph.D. supervising guides under KUHS

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