Vision & Mission


To be the leaders in facilitating equitable state of the art dental education and health care.

We strive to reach as the best dental institution through hard work, commitment and constant update. In our Journey towards this vision, we strongly behold on the egalitarian principle of recognizing and including every individual irrespective of caste creed color or religion.


Setting standards of cognitive and pragmatic excellence in dental science with an altruistic perspective
Being a charitable organization, our objective is to transform our students to be the best Ambassadors in the Ministry of Dental healing. To achieve this objective, we

  • Create an environment where students learn to provide high quality dental care based on solid biologic principles.
  • We provide competent care which is comprehensive in scope and preventive in purpose at an affordable scale
  • Through our committed research personnel and infrastructure, we provide a foundation for evidence based dentistry within the framework of Human ethics.
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