The Women’s Cell serves as a crucial support system for female students and staff, focusing on their well-being, safety, and empowerment. It organizes awareness programs, workshops, and seminars to educate women on their rights, gender equality, and personal development. It provides confidential counseling and guidance to women facing personal or academic challenges. It also aims to promote women’s health and hygiene through informative sessions and access to necessary facilities. It acts as a body for advocating for women’s issues and equal opportunities within the college and as a supportive network among female students and staff for mutual assistance and empowerment. The cell takes active initiative in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women within the college. The Women’s Cell strives to create an inclusive and empowering environment for all women associated with Mar Baselios Dental College.


Executive Members 2023-24

President Mrs.Serin Kurian
Secretary Dr.Anu Vijayan
Vice President Dr.Deepa Jose
Joint Secretary Dr.Soma Susan Varghese, Dr.Linta Thomas
Treasurer Dr.Anju Elizabeth Thomas
Non-Teaching Staff Representative Mrs.Gigi Mathew,Mrs.Jancy Thomas
Student Representatives :
Post Graduate Dr.Ashley Mathew
Interns Dr.Manju S Nair,Dr.Manna Riya Eldho,Dr.Annu Brijett
Final Years Niranjana,Hima,Julia
Third Years Bhagya Lekshmi,Sheethal,Anjali
Second Years Thwahira,Fami,Elza
First Years Athira,Athulya,Devi
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