The Department is well equipped with state-of-the-art dental diagnostic and surgical facilities like modern dental chairs, ultra-sonic scalers, laser unit , microsurgery loupes, iontophoresis, centrifuge, various  regenerative  graft materials and implant unit for superior patient care and training of under graduate and post graduate students. The spectrum of clinical services offered in the department ranges from basic non-surgical periodontal therapy to advanced procedures like sinus lift, hard and soft tissue augmentation procedures and  implants. Advanced periodontal regenerative procedures are regularly carried out with the help of an adequately stocked department store with materials including synthetic bone graft materials, regenerative and barrier membranes along with avant-garde centrifuge machine with special emphasis on indigenous autologous  products such as  Platelet rich  Fibrin.

Clinical facilities : Highlights

  • Implant Kit and Physio dispenser
  • Electrosurgery Device
  • Laser Unit
  • Iontophoresis Unit
  • PRF Centrifuge
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