Introduce the students to the exciting world of microbes. To make the students aware of various branches of microbiology and the role of microbes in human diseases. The objectives of teaching microbiology can be achieved by various teaching techniques such as:

  • Lectures
  • Lecture Demonstrations
  • Practical exercises
  • Audio visual aids
  • Small group discussions with regular feedback from the students to be arranged.

Course Outcome

At the end of the Microbiology course the student is expected to: Course outcomes Knowledge levels(K1-K6)
CO1 To demonstrate skills in microscopy and their handling techniques and staining procedures K4
   CO2 To gain knowledge about the different cell organelles of microorganismsand their detailed functions K2

To know various culture media and their applications.


CO4 To study the growth and control of microbes as well as different bacteriological techniques involved in microbiology. K2
CO5 To gain knowledge of mechanism of action of antimicrobial drugs and prophylaxis K2
CO6 Able to select, collect and transport clinical specimens to the laboratory. K3
CO7 Understand antigen, antibody and their role in immunity and immune response. K3
CO8 Have a sound understanding of various infectious diseases and lesions in the oral cavity. K2
CO9 Understand and practice various methods of Sterilization and disinfection in dental clinics K3


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