Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)


Our dental college is supported by an active Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), which plays a pivotal role in enhancing the college’s operations. Comprising 20executive committee members, with the principal serving as the ex officio president and a faculty member as the secretary, the PTA also elects a parent as its vice president. This committee is instrumental in supporting the holistic development of our students, providing financial and logistical assistance across curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities.

At the onset of each academic year, the PTA convenes its first general body meeting to elect executive committee members and outline its agenda. Additionally, year-specific PTA meetings are held periodically to address student progress and related academic affairs.


  • Fostering positive relationships among teachers, students, staff, and parents/guardians.
  • Ensuring high academic standards and facilitating smooth college operations.
  • Enhancing infrastructural facilities within the college.
  • Monitoring student performance and developmental activities.
  • Cultivating a shared commitment to maintaining discipline and academic excellence.


This is to inform that the PTA executive committee of our college for the years 2023- 2024

    1 Dr. Byju Paul Kurian (Principal) President
    2 Mr. Thankachan M J Vice President
    3 Dr. Pramod Philip Mathews Secretary
    4 Dr. Anu Vijayan Joint Secretary
    5 Dr. Jayan Jacob Mathew IQAC Coordinator

    Ex-officio members

    6 Adv. C I Baby Secretary MBMM Association
    7 Mr. Shaji P P Administrator in Charge

    Faculty Representatives

    8 Dr. Manju Korath Faculty in charge of I BDS
    9 Dr. Vidya K C Faculty in charge of II BDS
    10 Dr. Soma Susan Varghese Faculty in charge of III BDS
    11 Dr. Anu Vijayan Faculty in charge of final BDS part A
    12 Dr. Ektah Khosla Faculty in charge of final BDS part B

    Chief Warden

    13 Dr. Joy P Das Boys Hostel
    14 Dr. Ektah Khosla Girls Hostel

    Parent Representatives

    15 Mr. Thankachan MJ First Year Representatives
    16 Mrs. Saji Jayaraj First Year Representatives
    17 Mr. Manoj M S Second Year Representatives
    18 Mrs. Rani Anto Second Year Representatives
    19 Mr. Anil Varghese Third Year Representatives
    20 Mrs. Sobha Saji Third Year Representatives
    21 Mr. James E X Final year Part A Representative
    22 Mrs. Shaijy Joy Final year Part A Representative
    23 Mr. Susanthan E G Final year Part B Representative
    24 Mrs. Surya Jayan Final year Part B Representative
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