Course Outcomes

CO1   To gain knowledge about aesthetic restorative material and to translate the same to patients needs and to also to gain the knowledge about endodontic treatment on the basis of scientific foundation.

CO2 Evaluate and analyze latest scientific consensus on subject related facts and data.

CO3 Evaluate and understand the coherent picture of carious lesions, pulpal and peri-apical pathologies, traumatic injuries and other related hard tissue anomalies.

CO4 Analyze the preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic aspects of conservative dentistry and endodontics

CO5 To be competent to diagnose and treat  all carious lesions and to able to diagnose and appropriately treat pulpally involved teeth including pulp capping procedure so as to enable the best treatment outcomes for the patient.

CO6 Possess the skills to carry out required investigative procedures and to interpret the findings.

CO7 Acquire the skills for the manipulation and application of dental materials and other related laboratory procedures. 

CO8 Competent in control of pain and anxiety during dental treatment.

CO9 Acquire skills to prevent and manage complications, if any, encountered while carrying out various restorative procedures and pulpal treatment, as well as management of endodontic emergencies and traumatic injuries of the dental hard tissue.

CO10 To follow proper protocols in isolation, infection control and sterilization during restorative and endodontic procedures.

CO11 Should be able to motivate the patient for proper dental treatment and maintenance of oral hygiene should be emphasized which will help to maintain the restorative work and prevent future damage

CO12 Maintain a high standard of professional ethics and conduct and apply these in all aspects of professional life.

CO13 To help and participate in the implementation of the national oral health policy.

CO14 Willingness to participate in CDE programme to update the knowledge and professional skill from time to time.

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