Professor & HOD

Dr. Eby Aluckal

Education : BDS,MDS,Ph.D.
Teaching Experience : 15 Years
Email Address :

  Teaching Subjects

    • Public Health Dentistry

  Areas of Clinical Interest

    • Public Health, Research, Biostatistics, Tobacco Control, Bio-ethics

  Institutional Responsibilities

    • NAAC Coordinator
    • Ethics Committee Member

   Memberships in professional organizations

    • Fellow: Royal Society of Public Health (FRSPH, UK)
    • Secretary, Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry, Kerala Chapter
    • Member: International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer



List of Publications

Sl. No Aluckal E, Pulayath  C, Chithra P, Balakrishna MS, Luke A M, MathewTobacco Cessation Behavior among Smoking and Smokeless form Tobacco users in the Indigenous Population of Ernakulam, India. – J Pharm Bioallied Sci 2020;12:S194-8.
1 Aluckal E, Anzil Ksa, Baby M, George E K, Lakshmanan S, Chikkanna S. Association between Body Mass Index and Dental Caries among Anganwadi children in two villages of Belgaum district. – J Contemp Dent Pract 2016; 17(10):844-48.
2 Aluckal E, Ismail A , Paulose A, Lakshmanan S, Balakrishna MS, Mathew B, et al . Assessment of total Antioxidant capacity and Antimicrobial activity ofGlycyrrhizaglabrain saliva of HIV-infected patients. – J Pharm BioalliedSci 2019; 9(Suppl 1):S237-S240.
3 Aluckal E, Ismail A , Paulose A, Lakshmanan S, Balakrishna MS, Mathew B, et al . Assessment of total Antioxidant capacity and Antimicrobial activity ofGlycyrrhiza glabra in saliva of HIV-infected patients. – J Pharm Bioallied Sci 2019; 9(Suppl 1):S237-S240.
4 Aluckal E, Ankola A V.Effectiveness of Xylitol and Polyol Chewing Gum on Salivary Streptococcus mutans in Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial. – Indian J Dent Res 2018;29(4):445-49.
5 Tharian B E, Aluckal E ,Methippara J J, Jose B, Kumar K, Ismail A.The prevalence of molar incisor hypomineralization of school children in and around Muvattupuzha, Kerala. – J Indian Soc Pedod Prev Dent 2020;38(1):14-19.
6 Kunnilathu A,  Aluckal E,  Keepanasseril A.Educational Research Methodologies for Enhancing Effectiveness of Dental Public Health Programs. – Epidemiology (Sunnyvale); 6(5):267.
7 Bansal A, Hiremath A , Aluckal E.Occlusion Calculator. – J Clin Diagn Res 2015; 9(1):ZG01-3.
8 Aluckal E, Ankola A V. Journal Impact Factors – Its Value and Applicability in Research arena. – Int J Biol Med Res 2016; 7(3):5683-86.
9 Aluckal E, Lakshmanan S.The feasibility of smoker’s surcharge policy in tobacco control. – J Cancer Res Ther 2017; 13(6):1075.
10 Aluckal E, Lakshmanan S, Chikkanna S Kunnilathu A.Tele-Dentistry: An update. – IOSR JDMS (Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences) 2016; 15(6):103-06.
11 Singh Y,Bugalia A, Aluckal E, KunnilathuPotential use of Stem cells in Dentistry. – International Journal of Current Research 2016; 8(9):38175-77.
12 Singh Y,Bugalia A, Aluckal E, KunnilathuMarkers shaping the future of Preventive Dentistry – Int Dent Med J Adv Res 2016;2:1-4.
13 Speechley M , Kunnilathu A , Aluckal E , Balakrishna M S , Mathew B, George E K.Screening in Public Health and Clinical Care: Similarities and Differences in Definitions, Types, and Aims – A Systematic Review. – J Clin Diagn Res 2017; 11(3):LE01-04.
14 Kunnilathu A,  Aluckal E .Role of dental professionals in Tobacco control. – Int J Clin Dent Sci 2016; 7:1-4
15 Book titled ‘Sugar Substitutes in Dentistry” – LAP Lambert Academic Publications, ISBN: 978-3-659-531-90-3.
16 Aluckal E, Renjith G, Paulose A. Virtual Reality Applications in Dentistry: A World to be Unveiled. J Orofac Res. 2022: 11(1)1-4.
17 Aluckal E, Ankola A V.Motivational factors as a choice for Dentistry– A cross sectional study among first year dental students of Belgaum city. – Karnataka State Dental Journal 2014;33(1):15-18.
18 Aluckal E, Krishnan A, Bhavani T.Perception of Stress among Indian Dental Students – A Short Review. – Imprints (Journal IDA Kodungallur) 2016; 2(19):43-45.
19 Aluckal E, Hedge V,George R M,Dhanya.R.SPeriodontal needs, Prosthetic status and Prosthetic needs of institutionalized geriatric population: A scenario in Mangalore city. – J Post Grad Dent 2013; 4(1):4-7
20 Book titled ‘Minimal Intervention Dentistry” – LAP Lambert Academic Publications, ISBN: 978-3330348455.
21 Peter T , Hegde V, George R M , Aluckal E. Effectiveness of Tinospora Cordifolia on staphylococcus, streptococcus, klebsiella and candida species among HIV infected children: A randomized controlled trial. – World Journal of Pharmaceutical Reasearch 2014; 3(5):1290-98.
22 George L S, Aluckal E, KuruvillaSocial Media – Helping to Treat the Patient than Just Mouth
23 Fouda M, Aluckal   E, Abraham A. The Case for Using Free Gingival Grafts in the  Anterior  Mandible:  Clinical  Case  J Orofac Res. 2022: 11(1)23-27.
24 Daniel A M, Aluckal E , George G B, Baby M.Etiopathogenesis of Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis. – Research Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics 2017; 9(3):167-70.
25 Aluckal E .Ergonomics in Dentistry- An Update. – J Post Grad Dent 2012; 2:21-24.
26 GeorgeE K, Lakshmanan S, Chikkanna S, Aluckal E ,Kunnilathu A.Compound Odontoma associated with Maxillary Canine: A Case Report. – J Scientific Dent 2016; 6(2):46-49.
27 Mpundu G, Makasa M, Phiri C , Aluckal E, Kunnilathu E. Prevalence of oral fluorosis in Luangwa district of Lusaka Province, Zambia. International Journal of Contemporary Dental and Medical Reviews.2018;2394-7136
28 Jose T , George G B, Baby M, Aluckal E,Padiyath S , Kuruvila J, Peter P. Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment for Xerostomia.Malanadu Dental Jounal 2018;40-44
29 Mehendale A V, Shubratha C, Aluckal E, Mirandea G A, Prabhu B.Upadhya M.Shenoy V K.Adherence of Candida albicans on Polyamides in comparison with Conventional Acrylic surfaces.International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology 2020; 262-267

    Presentations in Regional, National and International Seminars/Conferences/Workshops

    SI. No Title of the Presentation Name of the Organizing Agency Regional/National /International Date of program
    1 Revealing the Iceberg of Oral Cancer 13th National Conference of the Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry


    16-18 November, 2008

    2 Motivational factors as a choice for Dentistry World Dental Student’s Conference, Mumbai


    10 September 2009

    3 Association between BMI and Dental Caries among Anganwadi children in two villages of Belgaum district – A Cross sectional study’ 14th National Conference of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry National 9-11 April 2010
    4 Awareness of and willingness to use E-cigarettes in Adolescent college going students of Mangalore city’ 16th World Conference on Tobacco and Health, UAE International 17-21 march 2015
    5 Tobacco Cessation Behavior among Smoking and Smokeless form Tobacco users in the Indigenous Population of Ernakulam, India IASLC World Conference on Lung Cancer, Spain International September 7-10, 2019

    Short Courses & Certificate Programs

    SI.No Subject /Specialization Board/University Pursuing/Date of Award

    Global Tobacco Control Program

    Johns Hopkins University, USA

    October 2013


    Scholars Program in Tobacco Control

    Johns Hopkins University, USA



    The Social and Technical Context of Health

    University of California, USA

    January 2022


    Health Care Data ModelsInformatics

    Johns Hopkins University, USA

    September 2021



    KUHS, Thrissur

    October 2019


    Research Methodology

    KUHS, Thrissur



    Statistical Methods in Measuring Health: Scales & Measurements

    Christian Medical College, Vellore

    November 2016


    Summary statistics in Public Health

    Johns Hopkins University, USA

    April 2022


    Fundamentals of Biostatistics, Principles of Epidemiology & SPSS

    Christian Medical College, Vellore

    September 2017

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