Dr. Arun Roy James

Education : MDS
Teaching Experience : 14 Years
Email Address :

  Teaching Subjects

    • Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry

  Areas of Clinical Interest

    1. Full mouth rehabilitation of very young and uncooperative children and special children under general anesthesia.
    2. Management of traumatic injuries of teeth in children.
    3. Orthopedic appliances and myofunctional appliances for correction of skeletal discrepancies in children.
    4. Pulp therapies and endodontic procedures in children with rehabilitation of anterior and posterior teeth with crowns exclusively for children

  Memberships in professional organizations

    • Member of association of pediatric and preventive dentists of Kerala
    • Former Secretary for the Association of Pediatric and Preventive Dentists of Kerala- 2017-2019
    • Member of IDAKochi branch

List of Publications 

1 Ellis-Van Crevald Syndrome-2013- IJO Journal.2013 August vol 1 No 2 24-26 2426 Arun Roy James, Shanthala BM
2 Management of uncontrollable child behavior in dental clinic. Arun Roy James, Ektah Khosla. IJO: August 2013: vol 1; Issue 2
3 A permanent mandibular second molar with seven root canal systems- 2014 Quintessence Int. 2014 May;45(5):381-3
4 Oral findings in Asmatic Children- Ektah k,Arun R.J,Elza T.Amrita Journal of Medicine.vol 10,No.1 jan-jun 2014 page 4-8
5 Knowledge, Attitude and Awareness of The Pediatricians in Preventing Dental Caries in Children of Ernakulum District. J Mathew, KK Abraham, E Khosla, AR James 10.5368/aedj.2015.
6 Attitude of general dental practitioners towards Child patients.S Mathews, K Abraham, E Khosla, AR James 10.5368/aedj.2015.
7 Correction of anterior crossbite using modified transparent aligners: An esthetic approach 2016- ContempClin Dent. 2016 Jul-Sep; 7(3): 394–397 Abraham KK, James AR, Thenumkal E, Emmatty TE
8 Peripheral ossifying fibroma in the anterior maxilla of a pediatric patient – A case report. Sherin C Jose, Ektah Khosla, Korath Abraham K,Arun Roy James, Elza Thenumkal doi:10.5368/aedj.2016.
9 A comparative evaluation of alternative disinfectants to decontaminate tooth brush. M Venugopal, K Abraham, E Khosla, AR James 0.5368/aedj.2017.
10 Early childhood caries as a diagnostic aid to severiety of anemia in children – Fact or Fad ? S.Nair,E Khosla, AR James 10.5368/aedj.2018.
11 Management Of Unilateral Submandibular Space Infection In A 5 Year Old Child- A Case Report Malanadu Dental Journal : July-Sept 2018; Vol 7 Issue 3, Arun Roy James, Manjusha Jose, Korath Abraham, Ektah Khosla,
12 Say No To Drill..A Magical Liquid For Children-Review Shabnam Ismail,Korath Abraham, EktahKhosla, Arun Roy James, Elza Thenumkal Ozone Publication Vol No 1 March 2019.
13 Painless Anaesthesia: A Futuristic Approach.Malanadu Dental Journal 2019;7: 23-25 Neethu Oomen, Korath Abraham, Ektah Khosla, Arun Roy James, Elza Thenumkal
14 Pediatric syrups : A risk to Enamel microhardness. V Alex, K Abraham, E Khosla, AR James 10.5368/aedj.2017.9.4.1. Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, Year 2019, Volume 37, Issue 2 [p. 127-132]
15 Effects of different dentinal drying methods on the adhesion of glass ionomer restorations to primary teeth. . Jose SC1, Khosla E1, Abraham KK1, James AR1, Thenumkal E1. J Indian Soc Pedod ontics and Preventive Dent. 2019 Apr-Jun;37(2):127-132.


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