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Dr. Beenakumary T.P

Education : MDS
Teaching Experience : 20 Years
Email Address :

Teaching Subjects


Areas of Clinical Interest

Oral mucosal lesions , diagnosis and management of chronic orofacial pain and CBCT reporting – implant planning and maxillofacial pathologies

Institutional Responsibilities

Chairperson for Exam cell, MBDC

Criteria 1 coordinator for NAAC

Memberships in professional organizations

Permanent member of IAOMR

List of Publications 

1 Scheuthauer-Marie-Sainton syndrome Contemporary clinical dentist
2 Submandibular sialolithiasis – Report of 6 cases. Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Science
3 Propolis in dentistry- A brief review Image- international journal of IDA Kunnamkulam
4 Unicystic ameloblastoma : a review of 4 cases Image- international journal of IDA Kunnamkulam
5 A clinical radiographic evaluation of resonance frequency analysis of sand blasted etched (SAE) and chemical modified SAE dental implants Journal of international society of preventive and community dentistry
6 Assessment of different palatal rugae pattern in gender identification Journal of Oral care and research
7 Evaluation of therapeutic efficacy of different treatment modalities in oral submucous fibrosis – A comparative study. The journal of contemporary dental practice
8 Prevalence of Ponticulus Posticus Among Central Kerala Population. A Digital Radiographic Study International Journal of Current research2019;11(02):1568-1571
9 Melatonin: A new dawn in dentistry. Malanadu Dental Journal. 2019;8(3):23-27
10 The Isomorphic Phenomenon- Malanadu Dental Journal2020;9(4):17-19.
11 Virtopsy: A ray of enlightment into field of forensics International journal dental and medical sciences research2021;3(2):592-7
12 Lichen Planus –an array of pavements ahead in the management Malanadu Dental Journal2021;10(1):24-31
13 A miracle hand of nature in the management of oral lichen planus Malanadu Dental Journal2021;10(1):17-20
14 Juvenile pemphigus vulgaris- 2 case reports International journal dental and medical sciences research2021; 3(2):499-505
15 Elastography-a new boon in oral and maxillofacial imaging international Journal of Dental science and innovative research [IJDSIR ] vol 4 issue 2 march 2021 page no 158-165
16 Ameloblastoma-a diagnostic challenge Journal of contemporary Medicine and Dentistry 2021 vol 9 issue 2 p 37-41

Completed Research Projects


Title of the Project

Enter Funding details if any (Amount In Rs.)


Role Performed (principal/Co-investigator)


Date of Completion

1 Multivariant analysis of cheiloscopy and mandibular canine index in gender determination among kerala population Co-investigator
2 Comparison of efficacy of low level laser therapy with topical clobetasol propionate (0.05%) in the management of erosive atrophic lichenplanus Co-investigator
3 Comparison of effectiveness of transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation and low level laser therapy in the pain management of temperomandibular disorders Co-investigator
4 Morphometric analysis of frontal sinus and nasal septum patterns for gender determination and personal identification- a radiographic study Co-investigator
5 A cross sectional analysis of digital panoramic radiograph for age and gender estimation in central kerala population Co-investigator
6 A comparative study on effectiveness of stingless bee honey and 0.1% triamcinolone acetonide in the treatment of symptomatic oral lichenplanus Co-investigator
7 Comparison of morphometric analysis of different anatomic skull structures to determine sexual dimorphism: a cone beam computed tomography study Co-investigator

On Going Research Projects

SI.No Title of the Project Enter Funding Agency Amount (In Rs.) Role Performed (principal/Co-investigator) Expected Date of Completion
1 Morphology and anatomical measurement of Nasopalatine canal in central kerala population – A CBCT based study Co-investigator
2 Evaluation of Haller cells in Central Kerala population using CBCT Co-investigator
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