Dr.Pramod Philip Mathews

Education : MDS
Teaching Experience : 17 years
Email Address :

Teaching Subjects

Dental Anatomy, Oral Histology, and Oral Pathology

Research Guidance

PG guide from 2018 to 2020


Areas of Clinical Interest

Oral cancer, oral submucous fibrosis

Institutional Responsibilities

Head, Department of Oral Pathology

Chairman, Institutional Ethical Committee

NAAC Coordinator

Secretary, PTA

Memberships in professional organizations

Indian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologists

Kairali Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologists

Indian Dental Association, Kakkanad branch



Short Courses & Certificate Programs


 Subject or Specialization

Board or University

Pursuing/ Date of Award



KUHS 2019
2 Forensic Odontology MBDC 2019


1). Rajendran R, Pramod P Mathews, Paul S,Raghul J, Mohanty M. Characterisation and Quantification of mucosal vasculature in  oral submucous fibrosis. Original research paperIndian J Dent Res. 2005 Jul-Sep; 16(3):83-91                                                                          

2). Niveditha Baiju, Pramod P Mathews,Skariah K S, Ambika K .   Morinda citrifolia- Noni: a brief review of its anti-cancer activity. Health Sciences 2012; Vol.1, No.3 Oct – Dec                                                                                         

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10) Sabu Paul, Pramod P Mathews. Evaluation of mast cells, vascular luminal diameter and epithelial thickness in different grades of oral submucous fibrosis- Int J Sci Res, Nov 2015, Vol 4, issue 11, 2551-2554.

11) Rajalakshmi G, Vinod S, Anjana R, Pramod P Mathews, Rajan R. Veruciform Xanthoma: An unusual lesion of tongue – A case report and review of the literature. Oral Maxillofac Pathol J 2018 9(1): 42-46.                                                 

12). Contributor- Chapter on Tooth Eruption.   Fundamentals of Oral Anatomy, Physiology, and Histology by Dr. Bharat Rao K. 1st edition 2019. Reed Elsevier publication. [ISBN 978-81-312-5413-4]

13) Metastatic clear cell adenocarcinoma of lungs to mandible- An unusual case report. International Journal Dental and Medical Sciences Research.2021, vol (3);838-842.

14) Jose D, Varghese SS, Sebastian J, Mathews PP. “Curcumin-An Old Spice”- A Healing Remedy for Oral Lesions. International Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical research 2019

 15) Cannibalistic cell as a marker for relapse in oral cancer: A case report with a brief review on potential risk factors for relapse. Deepa Jose, Soma Susan Varghese, Pramod P Mathews, Joseph Sebastian C. Journal of Clinical And diagnostic research, 2022 May, Vol 16(5); ZD 18-ZD 19



SI.No Title of the Presentation Name of the Organizing Agency




Date of Program

Spindle cell carcinoma masquerading as pyogenic granuloma

IAOMP conference, Pondicherry


December 21-23,2001

2 Psychological stress and oral cancer- is there any correlation? 1st South India Dental Conference, Kochi Regional 15,16,17 December, 2005

Completed Research Projects

SI.NO Title of the Project Role Performed Date of Completion

CD1 expression in Oral Lichen planus, a case-control study.



Immunohistochemical expression of cox2 in oral erosive and reticular lichen planus.



Expression of cyclin D1 in oral squamous cell carcinoma and potentially malignant disorders.



PCNA expression in the dentigerous cyst, radicular cyst, and periapical cyst


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