Dr. Joseph Sebastian C

Education : MDS
Teaching Experience : 9 Years
Email Address: drjoseph@mbdc.edu.in

  Teaching Subjects

    • Oral Pathology and Microbiology
    • Dental Anatomy, Embryology and Oral histology


    • Forensic Odontology

  Areas of Clinical Interest

    • Research in dermatopathology
    • Potentially malignant disorders and oral malignancies
    • Forensic age estimation

  Institutional Responsibilities

    • First year academic coordinator
    • Mentor mentee coordinator
    • NSS Programme Officer

  Memberships in professional organizations

    • Life member of Indian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial pathology
    • Life member of Kairali society of Oral and Maxillofacial pathology



List of Publications

1 Sreenivasan BS, Ambooken M, Radhakrishna M, Sebastian J. An Intraoral Epitheloid Hemangioendothelioma Masquerading Clinically as Pyogenic Granuloma. Iran J Med Sci. March 2015;40(2): 185-189.
2 Soma Susan Varghese, Sreenivasan Bargavan Sarojini, Giju Baby George, Sankar Vinod, Philips Mathew, Anulekh Babu, Joseph Sebastian. Evaluation and Comparison of the Biopathology of Collagen and Inflammation in the Extracellular Matrix of Oral Epithelial Dysplasias and Inflammatory Fibrous Hyperplasia Using Picrosirius Red Stain and Polarising Microscopy: A Preliminary Study. Journal of Cancer Prevention. 2015 November 21; 20(4): 275-280.
3 Deepu G Mathew, BS Sreenivasan, Soma S Varghese, C Joseph Sebastian. Classification of Giant Cell Lesions of the Oral Cavity: A Fresh Perspective. Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Journal. July-December 2016;7(2):710-716.
4 Soma Susan Varghese, Giju Baby George, Sreenivasan Bargavan Sarojini, Sankar Vinod, Philips Mathew, Deepu George Mathew, Joseph Sebastian, Arun George. Epidemiology of Oral Lichen Planus in a Cohort of South Indian Population: A Retrospective Study. Journal of Cancer Prevention. 2016 Mar 07;21(1);55-59.
5 Joseph Johny, Renju Kunjumon, Giju B George, Joseph Sebastian. A rare case of benign aggressive cementoblastoma. Journal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine & Radiology. 2017 Feb 21; 28(4); 445-448.
6 Tessy Lukose, Sreenivasan B.S, Deepu George Mathew, Sajeevan T.P, Soma Susan Varghese, Joseph Sebastian. The Role of Langerhans Cells in Autoimmune and NonAutoimmune Inflammatory Conditions – A Case Control Study. IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences (IOSR-JDMS). 2019 June 29;18(6):13-19.
7 Rajalakshmi.G, B S Sreenivasan, Soma Susan Varghese, JosephSebastian. Comparative Studyon The Evaluation Of Cyclo Oxygenase 2 Expression On Dysplastic And Non Dysplastic Oral Leisions Byimmunohistochemistry. European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine. 2020; 7(09):755-770.
8 Deepa Jose, Soma Susan Varghese, Joseph Sebastian C, Pramod Philip Mathews. International journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical research. 2020 March 30;17 (4): 627-632.
9 Soma Susan Varghese, Pramod Philip Mathews, Sankar Vinod Vichattu,Joseph Sebastian C, Sindhuja S. Metastatic Clear Cell Adenocarcinoma of Lungs to Mandible- An Unusual Case Report. International Journal Dental and Medical Sciences Research. 2021 April 08; 3(2). 894-897.
10 KeerthyV R, Soma Susan Varghese, Pramod Philip Mathews, Joseph Sebastian,DeepaJose. A Comparative Evaluation of Cyclin D1 Expression in Various Grades of Oral Epithelial Dysplasia and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Using Immunohistochemistry. International Journal Dental and Medical Sciences Research. 2021 Feb 11; 3(1): 838-842.
11 Deepa Jose, Soma Susan Varghese, Pramod P Mathews, C Joseph Sebastian. Cannibalistic Cell as a Marker for Relapse in Oral Cancer: A Case Report with Brief Review on Potential Risk Factors for Relapse. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2022 May; 16(5): 18-19.

    Presentations in Regional, National and International Seminars/Conferences/Workshops


    Title of the Seminar/Conference Organizing Agency

    Invited Lecture/Resource Person/keynote speaker/paper presenter/plenary speaker


    Date of program

    1 Diagnosis and management of oral mucosal lesions Resource Person Inter branch full day CDE, IDA Kodungallur.   Regional 10/11/2019.
    2 Lymphocyte culture procedures Organizing committee member

    Kairali society of Oral and Maxillofacial pathology

    March 2015

    Short Courses or Certificate Programs

    SI.NO Qualification Subject or Specialization Board or University Pursuing Date of Award

    Certificate Programme In Health Science Educational Technology (C-HSET)

    Kerala university of health science


    Completed Research Projects

    SI. No Title of the Project Role Performed  Date of Completion
    1 Evaluation and comparison of the biopathology of collagen and inflammation in the extracellular matrix of oral epithelial dysplasias and inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia using picrosirius red stain and polarising microscopy: Co-investigator November 2015
    2 Epidemiology of oral lichen planus in a cohort of south indian population: a retrospective study. Co-investigator Novemnber 2016
    3 Comparative study of cyclooxygenase -2 expression in dysplastic and non dysplastic epithelial proliferation using immunohistochemistry. Co-investigator June 2017
    4 Comparative study of cd1a expression between reticular ,erosive subtypes of oral lichen planus with normal mucosa using immunohistochemistry Co-investigator June 2018
    5 Comparative study of cyclo oxygenase 2 expression between reticular , erosive subtypes of oral lichen planus with normal mucosa using immunohistochemistry Co-investigator April 2018
    6 Comparative evaluation of kl -67 expression in odontogenic cysts and odontogenic tumor using immunohistochemistry Co-investigator April 2019
    7 A comparative evaluation of cyclin d 1 expression in various grades of oral epithelial dysplasia and oral squamous cell carcinoma using immunohistochemistry Co-investigator August 2019
    8 Evaluation of survivin expresssion between oral lichen planus and oral squamous cell carcinoma using immunohistochemistry Co-investigator June 2019

    On Going Research Projects


    Title of the Project

    Role Performed

     Expected Date of Completion

    1 Odontomeric index of maxillary canine , maxillary central incisors and maxillary molar to assess sexual dimorphism. Co-investigator

    2023 March

    2 Effect of pipe betel leaf onsalivary copper levels after chewing arecnut from Borduex mix treated and untreated arecnut palms Co-investigator

    2025 April

    3 Immunohistochemical expression of survivin in leukoplakia Co-investigator 2022 December
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