Dr. Joy R Das

Education : MDS
Teaching Experience : 10 Years
Email Address :

  Teaching Subjects

    • MDS, Oral Surgery
    • UG

  Areas of Clinical Interest

    • Trauma, Minor and major oral surgeries, Pathologies

  Institutional Responsibilities

    • Chief warden, Boys Hostel

Memberships in professional organizations

    • Kerala state AOMSI

List of Publications 

1 Squamous Cell  Carcinoma of  Tongue in a Young Patient 2013
2 Compound Odontome 2013
3 Management of Dentoalveolar fracture in  a 2 Year Old Child 2015
4 Comparison of Three Mouth washes In Exodontia 2015
5 Tissue adhesives in the Third Molar Impaction Surgery-Report of a Case With Review Of Literature 2015
6 Ludwigs Angina: Report of a Case With Extensive Discussion on its Management 2015
7 Management of a Large Periapical Cyst-Report of a Case and Review of Literature 2017
8 Open Reduction and Internal Fixation In Pedaitric Mandibular Fractures: A Report Of 10 Cases And Review Of Literature 2016
9 Role Of corticosteroids in reducing postoperative Swelling, pain, and Trismus following Surgical Extraction of  Impacted Mandibular Third Molars 2017
10 Submental Intubation In Maxillofacial Trauma Patients: A review Of literature 2015
11 Is It Time To Stop The Interruption Of Antiplatelet Therapy For Dental Surgery 2014
12 Extracorporeal Fixation Of Displaced Mandibular Condylar fracture: A report of 15 Cases With  review of literature 2016
13 Central Giant Cell Granuloma in a  2 year old child: Report of a case and Review of Literature 2016
14 Efficacy of Platelet Rich Plasma In Third Molar Impaction Surgery : A Prospective Randomized Control Study 2016
15 Use Of Corticosteroids in Third molar Surgery: Review Of Literature 2017
16 Ameloblastic Carcinoma:Report Of A Case with Review Of Literature 2017
17 Management of an Epileptic Patient in Maxillofacial set up 2014
18 Pre and Post Operative care of a Maxillofacial Patient in the OT under GA 2014
19 Ameloblastic Carcinoma -A review of Literature 2014
20 Schwannoma in the oral cavity- report of a case 2018

Presentations in Regional, National and International Seminars/Conferences/Workshops

Sl. No Title of the Presentation Name of the Organizing Agency Regional/National /International Date of program
1 Management of post traumatic ankylosis AOMSI, Jaipur National 22/07/2012
2 Review of PRP and PRF( comparison) TN state AOMSI, Madurai Regional  11/3/2013
3 PRP in third molar impaction surgery 37th AOMSI, Hyderabad National 14/12/2012
4 Litigations in Dentistry MINDS, Mahe Regional 18/12/2018
5 Submucosal dexamethasone on third molar impaction surgery 15th Midterm AOMSI,Kanyakumari  National  2011
 6 Anatomic Evaluation of maxilla and mandible for implant procedures IDA, North Malabar Branch  Regional  2014
7 Submucosal Dexamethasone in third molar impaction surgery 11th Kerala State AOMSI, Mahe  Regional 2014

Completed Research Projects

SI.No Title of the Project Role Performed (Principal/ Co-Investigator) Date of Completion
1 Efficacy of PRP in third molar impaction surgery- a randomized control study Principal 2013


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