Dr. Joy Mathew

Education : MDS
Teaching Experience : 20 Years
Email Address :

Teaching Subjects

Dental materials

Conservative Dentistry



Post Graduate Diploma in clinical research from Annamalai University

Research Guidance

Post Graduate Research for the past 15 years

Areas of Clinical Interest

Traumatic Injuries of tooth

Root Canal Variations

Endodontic Microsurgery


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Completed Research Projects

SI.No Title of the Project Role Performed

Effect of sodium perborate , hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide on microhardness of enamel – An Invitro Study


Evaluation Of Changes In Dentin Microhardness Following Usage Of Novel And Conventional Irrigants: An In Vitro Comparative Study



Evaluation Of Antimicrobial Efficacy Of A Novel Herbal Alternative Chromolena Odorata,5% Sodium Hypochlorite And 2% Chlorhexidine Against Enterococcus Faecalis Biofilm Formed On Tooth Substrate: An In Vitro Study- Lalkrishna A.R



Fracture Resistance Of Endodontically Treated Teeth Restored With Various Bi-Layered Restorations: An In Vitro Study



Comparison Of Antimicrobial Efficacy Of Novel Root Canal Irrigants With A Conventional Root Canal Irrigant Against Mature Enterococcus Faecalis Biofilm: An In Vitro Study



Clinical Effectiveness Of A Self Adhesive Flowable Composite In Non-Carious Cervical Lesions: An In Viv. o Study



Effect Of Autoclaving On The Surface Topography Of Controlled Memory And Conventional Ni-Ti Files : An In-Vitro Study


Comparative Evaluation Of Compressive Strength Of Proroot Mta, Biodentine And Endocem Mta When Subjected To Blood Contamination An In Vitro Study


Comparison Of Apical Root Microcracks Caused By Different Single File And Multifile Rotary Systems In Continuous Motion- An In-Vitro Study


Comparative Evaluation Of Root Canal Shaping Ability Of Two Novel Rotary Nickel-Titanium Files:An In-Vitro Study


Comparative Evaluation Of Canal Transportation And Centering Ability Of Trushape And Wave One Gold Files By Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography :An In-Vitro Study


The Effect Of Various Final Irrigants On The Bond Strength Of Root Dentin Exposed To Chloroform: An In-Vitro Study


Comparative Evaluation Of Fracture Strength Of Class Ii Resin Restorations Filled With A Flowable Dual Cure Bulk Fill And An Incrementally Filled Composite: An In-Vitro Study


Comparative Evaluation Of Fracture Resistance Of Endodontically Treated Teeth Using Nano Ceramic Composite And Nano Hybrid Composite: An In-Vitro Study


Comparative Evaluation Of Apical Microleakage After Immediate And Delayed Post Space Preparation Using Three Different Sealers-An Invitro Study


Comparative Evaluation Of Surface Roughness Of A Posterior Bulk Fill Composite By Three Different Polishing Systems-An Invitro Study


Comparative Evaluation Of Cleaning Efficacy Using Three Different Rotary File Systems: An In Vitro Study


Evaluation Of The Effect Of Dentin Desensitizer On The Shear Bond Strength Of Composite To Dentin Using Two Different Bonding Agents- An Invitro Study


The Effect Of Various Collagen Crosslinkers On The Push-Out Bond Strength Of An Epoxy Resin Sealer To Sodium Hypochlorite Treated Root Dentin: An In-Vitro Study-

On Going Research Projects

SI.No Title of the Project Role Performed

The Effects Of Various Antioxidants On The Bond Strength Of Composite After Intracoronal Bleaching : An In Vitro Study



Comparative Evaluation Of Retreatment Efficacy Of Three Different Rotary File System Following Different Obturation Techniques : An Invitro Study



Comparative Evaluation Of Biocidal Efficacy Of Calcium Hydroxide And Sodium Di Chloro Iso Cyanurate Incorporated With A Biofabricated Nano Particle As Intracanal Medicament Against Enterococcus Faecalis Biofilm – An Ex Vivo Study


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