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In alignment with the Vision and Mission of Mar Baselios Dental College, RECON embodies a hub of excellence, focused on imparting exceptional dental education, pioneering cutting-edge research, and facilitating accessible, state-of-the-art dental care. The central aim is to advance optimal oral health in society by promoting evidence-based practices and research that enhance both general and oral well-being.

Mar Baselios Dental College (MBDC) has consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication to meeting the academic, clinical, and public health requirements set by the Kerala University of Health Sciences. Beginning in 2012 with the inception of the postgraduate program, a dedicated team at MBDC has been actively involved in supporting research activities for postgraduates. As their technical expertise extended beyond the campus, they garnered requests from research scholars seeking specialized research-related support. In response to this burgeoning demand and to efficiently organize these activities, the institution officially established the Research Consultancy Service Cell, known as RECON—a pioneering initiative within dental colleges—in 2015.

The RECON Initiative:
The RECON cell at MBDC comprises a distinguished panel of faculty members, each possessing expertise in specific domains of health research. This innovative establishment aims to offer a range of vital research services, encompassing sample size calculations and data analysis utilizing various software programs, as well as organizing and mentoring research methodology workshops. Services also include manuscript review, editing, research report preparation, and assistance in the publication process. Notably, these services are accessible to both internal stakeholders within MBDC and external researchers, highlighting the commitment to sustainability and continued provision of these indispensable services through a nominal fee for external services.

Impact and Outreach:
To date, RECON has effectively facilitated over 150 research services, catering to the needs of both in-house and external research scholars. This extensive support has made a significant contribution to advancing research initiatives and cultivating a culture of academic excellence within the institution and beyond. The impact of RECON extends beyond the confines of MBDC, illustrating a strong commitment to empowering the larger academic and research community. The establishment of RECON at MBDC has not only elevated the institution’s standing but has also inspired other educational establishments, emphasizing the necessity for similar research consultancy services within the academic domain.

In summary, RECON—Research Consultancy Service Cell at Mar Baselios Dental College—signifies a pioneering approach in providing comprehensive research support to both internal and external researchers. Through its innovative and inclusive services, RECON has enriched the research landscape at MBDC and established a model for research consultancy services in dental colleges, setting a benchmark for academic excellence and collaboration in the realm of health research. The vision and mission are intrinsically woven into the fabric of RECON, propelling the institution forward in its pursuit of excellence in dental education, groundbreaking research, and equitable, advanced dental care.

  • Sample size calculation
  • Data analysis using software programs
  • Organizing and mentoring research methodology workshops
  • Manuscript review
  • Manuscript editing 
  • Research report preparation
  • Publication assistance.
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