Dr. Biju Kalarickal

Education : MDS
Teaching Experience : 16 Years
Email Address : 

  Teaching Subjects

    • Orthodontics and Dentofacial orthopedics


    • Nobel Biocare certification for Implant and Esthetic Dentistry held at Royal dental college ,Kerala from Feb 2014-Oct 2014
    • Incognito certification (Lingual Orthodontics)from 3M UNITEK held at Cida-De –Goa 11 th and 12th march 2016

  Research Guidance

    • Pg Guide


  Areas of Clinical Interest

    • Micro implant assisted orthodontics
    • Surgical orthodontics

  Institutional Responsibilities

    • Library In charge
    • NAAC – criteria 4 in charge

  Memberships in professional organizations

    • Member Indian dental association
    • Member Indian orthodontic society

List of Publications

1 Biju kalarickal Group distal movement of teeth -a case report .journal of clinical anddiagnostic research .2014 may;vol8(5)zd26-zd29.
2 Biju kalarickal,ajith vallikkat velath.Multidisciplinaryapproach to restore fractured Central Incisor.Journal of dental excellence ,kolhan university. 2014 jan;vol1 no1 :74-80
3 NK Sapna Varma, Anuradha Parayancode, Ajith VallikatVelath, Biju Kalarickal .Localization of impacted teeth made easy using Digital VolumeTomography. Journal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine andRadiology.2013oct-dec;vol25(4):318-321
4 Biju, K. Janardhanan, P. G.Francis, Micro-Implants,Pushing the Limits of Traditional Orthodontics. Amrita Journal  of Medicine.2010; jan-june ; Vol 6 (1), pp. 13 – 17.
5 V. Ajith, K. Biju, S. Peter, P.Ushas. Management of Skeletal Class III Mal occlusion in an Adult Patient. Case Report.Amrita Journal of Medicine.2010 jan-june; Vol. 6 (1), pp. 37 – 40
6 Profile changes after using clarks twinblock appliance in a growing male patient with a skeletal class II pattern and a recessive lower jaw –A case report 867.07.2020
7 Selvaraj a ,PJ antony . m sreekumar , joby poulose,Biju Kalarickal Comparison of load deflection properties and force level of newly introduced M5 thermalcopper NITI with other orthodontic NITI wires :An invitro study /search?qs=load%20deflectio n%20NiTi&authors=selvaraj&s how=25&sortBy=relevance




SI.No Title of the Presentation Name of the Organizing Agency



Date of program
1 Micro-implant- Macro-gainst  Cochin Orthodontic study group,  March 2015 Cochin Orthodontic study group Regional  March 2015
2 Twin block in Pediatric patients  CDE programme by Dept of Pedodontics , on 16th Aug 2010, KVG Dental college Sullia, Karnataka CDE programme by Dept of Pedodontics , on 16th Aug 2010, KVG Dental college Sullia , Karnataka Regional August 2010
3 Distraction Osteogenesis – 7th scientific convention at KLE Institute of Dental sciences Belgaum , on 21st and 22nd Feb 2003 KLE Institute of Dental sciences Belgaum, on 21st and 22nd Feb 2003 Regional Febuary 2003
4 Judged scientific papers during 45th IOS annual conference on 17th -19th Dec 2010, Mangalore
5 Chaired scientific sessions during 45th IOS conference 17th – 19th Dec 2010, Mangalore
6 Trampolin 2022 MDS Exam orientation programme 26,27th May 2022 at Dept of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, St Gregorious dental college, Kothamangalam At Dept of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, St.Gregorious dental college, Kothamangalam May 2022

Short Courses & Certificate Programs

SI.No Subject /Specialization Board/University Pursuing/Date of Award
1 Nobel Biocare certification for Implant and Esthetic Dentistry held at Royal dental college, Kerala from Feb 2014-Oct 2014 Nobel biocare 2014
2 Incognito certification  (Lingual Orthodontics)from 3M UNITEK  held at Cida-De –Goa 11 th and 12th march 2016 3M Unitek 2016
3 Invisalign certification on 15 th December 2017 Chennai  Align technologies US 2017
4 Advanced course on micro-implants Dr Hyo-Sung Park College of dentistry ,Deagu , Korea 2011

Completed Research Projects

SI.No Title of the Project Role Performed (Principal/ Co-Investigator) Date of Completion

Evaluation of soft tissue in non growing individuals with different facial pattern –A cephalometric study

Principal 2015
2 MCNAMARA CEPHALOMETRIC NORMS For The Kerala Population Principal 2016
3 Comparative Evalution Of Effects Of Rapid Maxillary Expansion And Alternate Rapid Maxillary Expansion And Constriction In Patients With Retrognathic Maxilla Principal 2017
4 Comparative evaluation of the effects of AdvanSync2 and AdnvanSync2 used with mini screw anchorage Principal 2019
5 Comparative Evaluation Of Intrusion Of Maxillary Incisors Using Mini-Implants In Different Positions-An In Vivo Study  Principal 2020
6 Airway Volume And Its Correlation With Mandible And Hyoid Bone In Different Skeletal Types – A CBCT Based Evaluation Principal 2021


On Going Research Projects

SI.No Title of the Project Role Performed Expected Date of Completion
1 Estimation Of Intraoral Volume Change In Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment By Extraction Correction In Bidentoalveolar Protrusion Cases Using Cbct – A Cross Sectional Comparative Study Principal 2022
2 Morphological Analysis Of Mandibular Characteristics In Skeletal Class I And Class Ii Malocclusions – A Cbct Study   Principal 2024
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