The Minority Cell at Mar Baselios Dental College promotes the interests and welfare of minority students. Its function includes facilitating access to educational opportunities, addressing concerns related to discrimination, and promoting diversity and inclusivity within the college community.


  • Maintain records of student admissions under the minority category.
  • Facilitate financial support from governmental agencies and other sources for minority students.
  • Circulate Central government decisions about different scholarship programs.
  • Create a safe and secure environment for all minority students.
  • Establish a platform for students to address academic and non-academic issues.
  • Serve as a grievance redressal cell for minority students and employees

Composition of Minority Cell:

The Principal shall constitute the Minority Cell Committee for three years.

1 Dr. Byju Paul Kurian Principal 
2 Dr. Serin Kurian Convener
3 Dr. Feby Kuriakose Faculty
4 Dr. Linta Thomas Faculty
5 Mr.Bibin Jose Administrative Staff

Procedure to File a Complaint

  • A written complaint may be submitted to the committee. Any student or employee of the college can approach the cell in person.
  • The cell will investigate the matter and give its recommendation.
  • Suitable action shall be taken based on the recommendation of the committee.
  • Confidentiality shall be maintained in all appropriate matters.
  • Contact email – minoritycell@mbdc.edu.in

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