To make the students aware of various branches of microbiology importance, significance & contribution of each to mankind & other fields of medicine.Objectives are achieved by various techniques such as lectures, demonstration, practical exercises, small group discussions &feedback.Pathology is a confluence of basic and clinical dentistry.  It is a branch of dentistry which is involved in the study of basic oral and dental tissues, and also about its disease and abnormalities.a 

Apart from academic teaching the department also undertakes the responsibility of clinical histopathology. Biopsy specimens are received from various departments of the institution as well as referrals from other hospitals both in and outside the region. The biopsy tissue both hard and soft specimens are processed in the histopathology lab and diagnostic reports are provided.The department boasts of well qualified and well trained staffs and technicians who takes care of teaching as well as clinical and histopathological work also well equipped with semi-automatic microtome and research microscopes.

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