To establish a robust framework for continuous quality enhancement at Mar Baselios Dental College, ensuring the highest standards in dental education, research, and patient care, thereby contributing to achieving excellence.

1. To establish and maintain high standards in dental education through continuous curriculum assessment, faculty development, and innovative teaching methodologies
2. To cultivate an environment that encourages and supports cutting-edge research in dental sciences by providing necessary resources, training, and collaborative opportunities
3. To promote the highest standards of patient care by integrating ethical values, best practices, and state-of-the-art technology through regular quality assessments and feedback mechanisms

Goal of IQAC:

The IQAC’s Objectives are:

  1. Establishment of a quality framework that encourages deliberate, coherent, and transformative initiatives to enhance the academic and administrative efficacy of the college.
  2. Cultivation of strategies to facilitate institutional operations that prioritize quality enhancement, achieved through the infusion of global quality culture and the institutionalization of best practices.

Role of IQAC

It will develop mechanisms and protocols to:

  1. Ensure the prompt and efficient monitoring of Quality Enhancement (QE) activities across different departments within the College.
  2. Facilitate the incorporation and seamless integration of contemporary approaches to teaching and learning.
  3. Enhance the credibility of the assessment and evaluation processes.
  4. Guarantee the sufficiency, upkeep, and appropriate distribution of the support structure and services.
  5. Foster the dissemination of research discoveries and establish connections with other institutions both nationally and internationally.

Functions of IQAC

Attainment of academic excellence hinges upon the strategic implementation of quality enhancement measures designed to optimize the operational efficiency of the institution. As emphasized in the guidelines, the IQAC will fulfill the following comprehensive roles:

  1. Formulate and oversee the application of quality benchmarks and parameters for diverse academic and administrative undertakings within the college.
  2. Foster the establishment of a learner-centered atmosphere conducive to high-quality education and support faculty growth in embracing essential knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning approaches.
  3. Facilitate the collection of feedback from students, parents, industry/employers, and other stakeholders concerning quality-oriented institutional processes.
  4. Disseminate information about various quality indicators related to teaching, research, and education.
  5. Coordinate the organization of workshops, seminars centered on quality-related themes, and promote the cultivation of quality circles.
  6. Document the array of programs and activities undertaken by the Higher Education Institution (HEI) that contribute to quality enhancement.
  7. Serve as the central coordinating entity within the college for all endeavors linked to quality, encompassing the adoption and dissemination of commendable practices.
  8. Develop and maintain an institutional database to facilitate effective quality management.
  9. Foster the development of a pervasive culture of quality within the college.
  10. Prepare the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the college, following the quality parameters and assessment criteria outlined by the pertinent quality assurance body, as per the prescribed format post-accreditation.


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