Mar Baselios Dental College (MBDC) is committed to fostering a harmonious and peaceful campus life for all its students. At the core of our institution’s ethos is the promotion of strong relationships and a campus-friendly environment that transcends barriers of caste, creed, hierarchy, and religious differences. We uphold and prioritize the principle of equality and inclusivity for all.

In strict adherence to the regulations set forth by the Dental Council and Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS), MBDC has established stringent protocols and guidelines to effectively monitor and supervise any incidents of ragging, both within and outside the campus, to ensure the safety and well-being of our students.

Each year, special anti-ragging committees and squads are constituted, comprising members from both faculty and students, acting as vigilant cadets against any form of anti-ragging activities. These committees are entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing, providing support, and coordinating workshops to raise awareness among students regarding the harmful impacts of ragging.

Furthermore, these committees conduct periodic surprise visits to hostels, diligently ensuring that no incidents of ragging occur within the premises. MBDC also boasts a dedicated counseling department, offering remedial measures to students through counseling sessions, emphasizing mental and emotional well-being.

In addition to these regular measures, MBDC fulfills all essential requirements, including workshops, data submission, and online registration of students on the anti-ragging portal every year. These initiatives collectively epitomize our clear vision of cultivating an environment where our entire campus stands united against ragging, striving for a ragging-free campus.

Our relentless commitment to eradicating ragging stems from our belief in providing a nurturing and supportive environment for our students, wherein they can thrive academically, emotionally, and socially. We aim to instill values of respect, empathy, and understanding, ensuring a peaceful coexistence and an enriching academic journey for all members of the MBDC family. Through these efforts, we aspire to set an example for other educational institutions and contribute to a society that rejects any form of harassment or discrimination, promoting mutual respect and understanding among its members.



Anti-Ragging Committee 2023-24 

1 Dr. Byju Paul Kurian Principal 8281298740
2 Mr. Shaji P P Administrator In Charge 9539325167
3 Dr. Manju Korath Secretary of Committee 9446785899
4 All HOD’s
5 Mrs. Serin Kurian PTA Representative 9447464910
6 Adv. Johny Methippara Legal Advisor 9447164550
7 Station House Officer Kothamangalam Police Station 0485 2862328
8 S.I of police Kothamangalam Police Station 0485 2862328
9 Mr. P. T. Johny Local media 9846050075
10 Dr. Ektah Khosla Chief Warden- Girl’s Hostel 9947564657
11 Dr. Joy R. Das Chief Warden- Boy’s Hostel 7907666097
12 Dr. Arun Bosco Jerald Clinical Staff Representative 8714193319
13 Dr. Salil G  PreClinical Staff Representative 9446516467
14 Dr. Joseph Sebastian C Staff Advisor 9400606414
15 Dr. Usha Narayanan Students Counsellor 9526844911
16 Anna M Jacob Students Union Chair Person 8078533226
17 Aaliya H Students Union Chair Person 9645456123
18 Alan Raj Students Union Gen. Sec. 8078516041




1 Dr. Byju Paul Kurian 9447049455
2 Dr. Beena Kumari 9746398593
3 Dr. PG Francis 9447350175
4 Dr. Pramod Philip Mathews 9446333571
5 Dr. Joy Mathew 9446350557
6 Dr. Majo Ambooken 9447268750
7 Dr. Sankar VInod 9895064657
8 Dr. Korath Abraham 9447900416
9 Dr. Eby Aluckal 9496097570
10 Dr. Salil G 9446516467
11 Dr. Vidya KC 9447984592
12 Dr. ManjuKorath 9446785899
13 Dr. Alvin 7639460985
14 Dr. Mathews Baby 9447231979
15 Dr. Ektah Khosla 9947564657
16 Dr. Reeja Baby 9447820441
17 Dr. Minu Raju 9496952077
18 Dr. Joy R Das 7907666097
19 Dr. Jimmy George 9995672568
20 Dr. Arun George 7907788908
21 Dr. Adithya Sunil – 2nd year PG Male Rep 9847804381
22 Dr. Alida Baby – 2nd year PG Female Rep 9497551248
23 Dr. Eldho Varkey – Intern Representative – Male 9400013078
24 Dr. Fathima Nesla – Intern Representative – Female 9207026368
25 Benson J Mathew – Union Representative Part B Male 8943538500
26 Dimple  – Union Representative Part B Female 7560975122
27 Cephan Binny  – Union Representative Part A Male 6235684324
28 Fathima Sanam – Union Representative Part A Female 9496267995



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