In alignment with the principles of justice and equality, MBDC is committed to safeguard and protect the rights of all our students. To ensure this, institution strictly adheres to the guidelines laid down by Honorable Supreme Court and University Grants Commission against the menace of ragging in the campus. As per the directive of Dental Council,

  • We have constituted Anti ragging Committee and an Anti Ragging Squad which has been active since 2011
  • Every year sensitization programs regarding menace of ragging is imparted to the students.
  • Anti Ragging squad makes surprise visit to the hostels to monitor the students.
  • Banners displaying “Do’s and Don’ts and consequences of ragging are prominently displayed throughout the campus.
  • Consolidated reports of all the activities are uploaded to the Dental Council of India website every year.

Anti-Ragging Committee
Anti-Ragging Squad
Anti-Ragging Report


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