The Word is Healing

To become an institute of excellence in imparting quality dental education, fostering innovative research and facilitating equitable state of the art dental care for promoting optimal oral health in the society.

 Establishing standards of dental education in didactic and experiential learning

To achieve proficiency in procedural skills related to clinical and preclinical aspects of dental surgery

To impart quality dental education through advanced clinical exposure

To encourage evidence-based practices and research to improve general and oral health

To inculcate ethical values,sense of effective patient care,scientific temper and life-long learning skills 


MBDC shall strive continually for evolving into an advanced centre in the field of dental education through assuring quality in all its endeavours, adhering to applicable requirements. The College is committed to moulding its students into globally competent, socially committed and ethically driven professionals in the realm of dentistry and offering state of the art dental care.

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