General Outline of The Course

                    The undergraduate course involves organisation of year-wise teaching program. However, this course, as a whole, should demonstrate integration of the basic sciences, clinical dentistry and practical or laboratory skills. The course should be designed and integrated in such a way as to permit smooth progression from pre-clinical to clinical phase.

The undergraduate dental course consists of three main components. The first component consists subjects common to modern medicine and dentistry like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and behavioral science, leading to pharmacology, pathology, microbiology and then on to general medicine and general surgery. The second component runs concurrently with the first and deals with special aspects of oral and dental tissues, oral biology and oral pathology. Finally, the third component based on the foundations of the first two, deals with the clinical and technical aspects of dentistry as is required for general dental practice.

Course Duration

                The undergraduate dental training program leading to B.D.S. degree shall be of four and a half years duration in addition to one year compulsory paid rotating internship. During this period, the students shall be required to engage in full time study at a Dental college recognized or approved by the Dental Council of India. During the first four and a half years of undergraduate course, the instruction in clinical subjects should be at least for two and a half years.

Basic Medical & Dental Subjects

The basic medical and dental sciences comprise of Anatomy – Gross and Microscopic, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, science of Dental Materials and Oral biology. Subjects like behavioral sciences, which would be useful to develop communication skills, should also be introduced in the first year itself and spread over the undergraduate course. An introduction to Public Health Dentistry also will be useful to develop the concept of commitment to community. The laboratory skills like pre-clinical Prosthodontics, Crown and Bridge, Conservative dentistry and Orthodontics is to be developed by the students.Studying dental morphology also is a part of initial training. At the end of this period the student should be in a position to understand and comprehend in general the development, structure and function of the human body in both health and disease. 

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