‘Preservation  and  Regeneration – The perfect synergy’

The Department of Periodontics at MBDC is committed to promotion of  optimal  health  care and academic excellence, with  emphasis  on  top  notch strategies of periodontal disease prevention,  diagnosis  and  management. The Department of Periodontics was started in the year 2003  while MDS courses were   started in the year 2011. The department has witnessed a multitude of  changes in terms of both, work force as well as infrastructure. It is now a well-ventilated sprawling space on the second floor of the college clinical block (Room no. 11) with a total area of approximately 6500 square feet with well segregated sections for patient reception and treatment and a completely different area dedicated to academics with ICT  enabled seminar room and department  library.

The Department is well equipped with state-of-the-art dental diagnostic and surgical facilities like modern dental chairs, ultra-sonic scalers, laser unit , microsurgery loupes, iontophoresis, centrifuge, various  regenerative  graft materials and implant unit for superior patient care and training of under graduate and post graduate students.The Department also encourages innovation and research in dental health care delivery in areas like newer diagnostic aids with  emphasis on  salivary  diagnostics, immunology, periodontal plastic surgery, periodontal regeneration, periodontal medicine and local drug delivery to meet the changing dental needs of the people.

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