Dr. Joy R Das

Education : MDS
Teaching Experience : 11 Years
Email Address :

  Teaching Subjects

    • MDS, Oral Surgery
    • UG

  Areas of Clinical Interest

    • Trauma, Minor and major oral surgeries, Pathologies

  Institutional Responsibilities

    • Chief warden, Boys Hostel

Memberships in professional organizations

    • Kerala state AOMSI

List of Publications 

1 Squamous Cell  Carcinoma of  Tongue in a Young Patient 2013
2 Compound Odontome 2013
3 Management of Dentoalveolar fracture in  a 2 Year Old Child 2015
4 Comparison of Three Mouth washes In Exodontia 2015
5 Tissue adhesives in the Third Molar Impaction Surgery-Report of a Case With Review Of Literature 2015
6 Ludwigs Angina: Report of a Case With Extensive Discussion on its Management 2015
7 Management of a Large Periapical Cyst-Report of a Case and Review of Literature 2017
8 Open Reduction and Internal Fixation In Pedaitric Mandibular Fractures: A Report Of 10 Cases And Review Of Literature 2016
9 Role Of corticosteroids in reducing postoperative Swelling, pain, and Trismus following Surgical Extraction of  Impacted Mandibular Third Molars 2017
10 Submental Intubation In Maxillofacial Trauma Patients: A review Of literature 2015
11 Is It Time To Stop The Interruption Of Antiplatelet Therapy For Dental Surgery 2014
12 Extracorporeal Fixation Of Displaced Mandibular Condylar fracture: A report of 15 Cases With  review of literature 2016
13 Central Giant Cell Granuloma in a  2 year old child: Report of a case and Review of Literature 2016
14 Efficacy of Platelet Rich Plasma In Third Molar Impaction Surgery : A Prospective Randomized Control Study 2016
15 Use Of Corticosteroids in Third molar Surgery: Review Of Literature 2017
16 Ameloblastic Carcinoma:Report Of A Case with Review Of Literature 2017
17 Management of an Epileptic Patient in Maxillofacial set up 2014
18 Pre and Post Operative care of a Maxillofacial Patient in the OT under GA 2014
19 Ameloblastic Carcinoma -A review of Literature 2014
20 Schwannoma in the oral cavity- report of a case 2018
21 Dentigerous cyst involvingmaxillary sinus-report of a case with review of literature-joy r das,Sanakr vinod v ,arun George,atic Thomas,jinu Elizabeth james Journal of research and advancement in dentistry 2022 2022
22 Ectopic tooth in maxillofacial region –report of three cases Sanakr vinod v, arun George, joy r das,atic Thomas ,jinu Elizabeth james, joy r das Journal of research and advancement in dentistry 2022 2022
23 Multiple osteomas of mandible in a patient with Grdeners syndrome-report of a case arun George, Sanakr vinod v, joy r das,atic Thomas ,jinu Elizabeth james Oral and maxillofacial pathology journal 2023 web of science 2023
24 Pleomorphic adenoma of hard palate:A noval case report Sanakr vinod v, arun George, joy r das,Linta sara International journal of oral care and research 2022 2022
25 Numbness and bleeding from ear following IANB-Report of a case joy r das,Sanakr vinod v ,arun George,sarah paul,jinu Elizabeth james international journal of research in medical science dec 2023 2023
26 Atooth in the nose ? Sanakr vinod v ,arun George,joy r das, sarah paulmdj 2023 april 2023
27 Hair transplantation:an art of hope-review article Sanakr vinod v ,arun George,sarah paul,jinu Elizabeth jamesInternational journal of craniomaxillofacial surgery and rehabilitation june 2023 2023
28 Robotic surgery –an oust to oral and maxillofacial surgeon,Dr sarah paul,Dr sankar vinod v,Dr arun George ,dr joy das,dr jinu Elizabeth jamesmdj jan 2024 2024

Presentations in Regional, National and International Seminars/Conferences/Workshops

Sl. No Title of the Presentation Name of the Organizing Agency Regional/National /International Date of program
1 Management of post traumatic ankylosis AOMSI, Jaipur National 22/07/2012
2 Review of PRP and PRF( comparison) TN state AOMSI, Madurai Regional  11/3/2013
3 PRP in third molar impaction surgery 37th AOMSI, Hyderabad National 14/12/2012
4 Litigations in Dentistry MINDS, Mahe Regional 18/12/2018
5 Submucosal dexamethasone on third molar impaction surgery 15th Midterm AOMSI,Kanyakumari  National  2011
 6 Anatomic Evaluation of maxilla and mandible for implant procedures IDA, North Malabar Branch  Regional  2014
7 Submucosal Dexamethasone in third molar impaction surgery 11th Kerala State AOMSI, Mahe  Regional 2014

Completed Research Projects

SI.No Title of the Project Role Performed (Principal/ Co-Investigator) Date of Completion
1 Efficacy of PRP in third molar impaction surgery- a randomized control study Principal 2013


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