Under graduates

  • Be able to apply the knowledge gained in the basic medical and clinical subjects in the management of patients with surgical problems. 
  • Be able to diagnose, manage and treat patients with basic oral surgical problem
  • Have a broad knowledge of maxillofacial surgery and oral Implantology.
  • Be familiar with legal, ethical and moral issues pertaining to patient care and Communication skills.
  • Understand and practice the basic principles of asepsis and sterilization.
  • Be competent in the extraction of the teeth under local anesthesia.
  • Be Competent to carry out certain minor oral surgical procedures under Local  anesthesia like trans-alveolar extraction, frenectomy,  Dento alveolar procedures, simple impaction, biopsy, etc.
  • Be Competent to assess, prevent and manage common complications that arise during and after minor oral surgery. Able to provide primary care and manage medical emergencies in the dental office.

Post graduates

  • Post graduates acquire the ability to diagnose and manage diseases and anomalies in Oral and Maxillofacial region following the principles concerned to the field.
  • To practice as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon maintaining the basic ethics and empathy towards patients and fellow beings.
  • Developing a scientific temperament through research activities by giving importance to research work and record keeping in a professional way and also motivating to attend courses and conferences.
  • Acquiring basic skills and competence in performing various procedures required in the specialty.
  • Developing sufficient communication skills to explain various treatment options available for patient and to obtaining a true informed consent.
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