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Anti Ragging

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Anti-ragging Team is in operation under the overall charge of the Principal. Students are advised to bring cases of ragging (either in the college campus or in the hostel) to the notice of the Principal/members of anti-ragging committee/teachers/hostel wardens. The offenders shall be liable for punishment with imprisonment and fine. Offenders may be expelled from the institution.

Prohibition of Ragging

  1. As per direction of the Honourable Supreme court oder (SI.P(C) no.24295/2004 and SLC No.24296-2499/2004) and as per the Kerala Government Circular (31878/K/C/206 Dtd 21.11.2006) , ragging is strictly banned in the institute.
  2. Any person indulged in ragiingin the past or it is noted later that he has indulged in ragging, admission may be refused or he or she shall be expelled from the institution.
  3. Any person who directly involved in the act of ragging, if proved may get an imprisonment upto twp years and a fine upto Rs.10,000/-
  4. Any person punished for ragging will be expelled from the institution.
  5. At the time of admission, both students and parents together should furnish an affidavit to the effect that the students shall not indulge in ragging.


Anti Ragging Committee: 2017-18

   1 Dr. George P John Principal 8589012722
   2 Sona Jose Administrator 8589012822
   3 Dr.ManjuKorath Secretary of committee 9446785899
   4 All HODs
   5 Rev. George Manthottam Parent Representative 9847612455
6 Mr. V T Shajan C I of police 9497987125
7 Mr. C V Laijumon S I of police 9497980473, 04852826328
8 Mr. Johny Local media 9846050075
9 Dr.Vidya KC Chief Warden- Girl’s Hostel 9447984592
10 Dr.JobyPaulose Chief Warden- Boy’s Hostel 9446323720
11 Dr.Joseph Sebastine C Clinical Staff Representaive 9400606414
12 Ms. Serin Preclinical Staff Representative 9447464910
13 Mr. Michael Jo Students Union Chairman 9496355492
14 Mr. Jackson Alias Students Union Gen. Sec. 8301836780
15 Ms. Shalin Shersha Students Union Vice Chiar Person 9656545799


Anti Ragging SQUAD: 2017-18

  1 Dr. George P John 8589012722
  2 Dr. Kamala 9448479462
  3 Dr. P J Antony 9447328404
  4 Dr. B S Sreenivasan 9447115582
  5 Dr. Joy Mathew 9446350557
  6 Dr. MajoAmbooken 9447268750
  7 Dr. SankarVInod 9895064657
  8 Dr. Korath Abraham 9447900416
  9 Dr.Eby Aluckal 9496097570
10 Mr. Harish kumar 9447265198
11 Dr.Salil G 9446516467
12 Dr.Vidya KC 9447984592
13 Dr. ManjuKorath 9446785899
14 Dr.Marykutty Chacko 9446806001
15 Dr.Mathews Baby 9447231979
16 Dr.Ektah Khosla 9947564657
17 Dr.Reeja Baby 9447820441
18 Dr. Babu Cherian 9447875429
19 Dr.Poornima 9448044684
20 Dr. Jose Paul 9539674564
21 Dr. Vineetha Alex 8281189996
21 Dr. Nicky Joy 9544360143
22 Dr. Teenu Philip 8547271587
22 Michael Jo 9496355492
23 Jackson Alias 8301836780
24 Shalin Shersha 9656545799